Message from the Menahel/Principal


Welcome to HANC High School, a co-educational college preparatory yeshiva, which provides an outstanding and rigorous educational experience in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Walk the halls or enter our classrooms and you will feel a palpable energy generated by inquisitive and empowered students, enjoying thoughtful discourse with their teachers and classmates.

Our greatest strength at HANC is our outstanding faculty. These experts in their respective disciplines are passionate about teaching and are committed to meeting the needs of individual learners. The excellent teacher-student relationships that are fostered bring out the best in every HANC student.

HANC students are encouraged to explore their strengths and talents and to develop skills for a productive and fulfilling life. Acceptance by the leading post high school yeshivot, seminaries, colleges, and universities is just the start of what HANC students achieve. After college, our students move on to become some of the most successful and influential men and women in the Jewish community.

At HANC we believe that students learn with their minds, hearts and souls. Their high-school experience should be a joyous one, filled with the deep satisfaction of achievement while developing into B’nei and B’not Torah as contributing members of society. What we want most for our talmidim and talmidot is the fullest expression of who they are and who they will become.

While no website can completely capture the dynamic environment that defines this exceptional school, I hope that your visit will provide you a taste of the engaging activities that our students experience on a daily basis and that you will choose to visit us in person at our Brookdale Campus in Uniondale.


Rabbi Shlomo Adelman